We find out what re­ally gets on peo­ple’s goat Traf­fic driv­ing EK shop­pers up the wall

East Kilbride News - - EDITOR'S NOTE - Ni­cola Findlay

Let’s face it – we all have some­thing that riles us and can make us see red.

Whether it is the state of the roads, park­ing fines, dog mess not be­ing picked up or an eye­sore on your doorstep, there is more of­ten than not one thing that both­ers us the most.

So , the News took to East Kil­bride town cen­tre to find out what were the is­sues that peo­ple there wanted rec­ti­fied the most.

Ir­re­spon­si­ble park­ing near the town cen­tre and lack of cour­tesy by some driv­ers proved to be big bug­bears.

Jean Car­son from The Mur­ray told the News: “I live just across from the town cen­tre and peo­ple park­ing on streets where they are not meant to, where there are per­mits, is a prob­lem.

“Com­ing home in a taxi, es­pe­cially when the schools go in and out, I have seen quite a few al­ter­ca­tions with driv­ers re­fus­ing to be the first to move.”

Shop­per An­gela Smith said: “What re­ally an­noys me is more and more houses are be­ing built near where I live when the roads can’t deal with the ex­tra traf­fic. Lo­cal road net­works are a night­mare.”

Mean­while Les Allen from Westwood said: “My pet hate is when other driv­ers don’t sig­nal – es­pe­cially at round­abouts. Lack of cour­tesy is a real bug­bear.”

Jennifer Brown from The Mur­ray said: “I re­ally hate it when I see driv­ers park­ing on pave­ments. It block the way for bug­gies and peo­ple in wheel­chairs and causes a haz­ard.”

I re­ally hate it when I see driv­ers park­ing on pave­ments. It blocks the way... Jennifer Brown

Roads night­mare An­gela Smith

Park­ing prob­lems Jean Car­son

Lack of cour­tesy Les Allen

Block­ing pave­ments Jennifer Brown

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