Mak­ing baked cheese­cake?


Cracks hap­pen in baked cheese­cakes when they have been baked for too long. Too much of the mois­ture has evap­o­rated out of the cake, and the sur­face shrinks and even­tu­ally cracks. This is not fa­tal though; the cheese­cake will still taste del­ish. If I crack a cheese­cake (and I have done every now and then), I let it cool in the fridge, then work the crack closed with a warm spat­ula. Dip the spat­ula in a cup of hot wa­ter, then wipe dry. The warm spat­ula will liven up the sur­face of the cheese­cake enough that you can close the crack. With prac­tice, you can leave > Ã Ì ÃÕÀv>Vi Ì >Ì Ã w i° 9 Õ can also dec­o­rate with sliced fruit or whipped cream to hide the crack, too!

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