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Top tips for a stress-free Easter

Get the re­sult you want by fol­low­ing these tim­ings. We used large hen’s eggs dropped into boil­ing wa­ter. When done, scoop out the eggs and put in cold wa­ter (if you’re not eat­ing straight away) to pre­vent them cook­ing fur­ther.

5 mins Set white, runny yolk, just right for a dippy egg. Serve with toast sol­diers. 6 mins Liq­uid yolk, but less oozy. Use to top steam­ing ra­men. 7 mins Al­most set, but sticky – per­fect for tuna Niçoise. 8 mins Softly set – for Scotch eggs. They won’t over­cook when bread­crumbed and fried. 9 mins Clas­sic hard-boiled – mash­able, but not dry or chalky. Use to make creamy egg mayo.

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