To­mato & horse­rad­ish beef with Ten­der­stem broc­coli

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Serves 6 Prep 10 mins Cook 10 hrs 10 mins

2 tbsp olive oil 2kg beef brisket, rolled and tied 3 red onions, chopped into eighths 3 ba­nana shal­lots, chopped into eighths 3 bay leaves, bashed 3 gar­lic cloves, bashed 3 sprigs of rose­mary 3 sprigs of thyme 1 tsp dried chilli fakes 2 tbsp horse­rad­ish 1 x 400g can chopped toma­toes 250ml red wine 450g Char­lotte pota­toes 300g Ten­der­stem broc­coli 1 Heat oven to 140C/120C fan/gas 1. In a deep casse­role dish, heat the oil over a medium-high heat. Add the brisket and brown on all sides – this should take about 10 mins. Add the onions, shal­lots, gar­lic and bay leaves to the casse­role. Strip the herbs from their stems and add both the leaves and stems to the pan with the chilli. Add the horse­rad­ish with the toma­toes, then swill 200ml boil­ing water around the can. Pour in the wine, then stir and sea­son a lit­tle.

2 Cover the casse­role with the lid, trans­fer to the oven and braise for at least 10 hrs, but longer is fine – sim­ply en­sure the liq­uid doesn’t dry out com­pletely.

3 About 30 mins be­fore serv­ing, boil the pota­toes in a pan of salted water or un­til cooked. Just be­fore they are cooked, add the broc­coli, to blanch it. When the pota­toes and broc­coli are cooked, drain the veg. The meat should be fall­ing apart and sauce should be thick and rich. Serve in bowls.

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