Choco­late know-how


Store choco­late at an even tem­per­a­ture to pre­vent it from ‘bloom­ing' (de­vel­op­ing a rough sur­face). If this hap­pens, don’t throw it away – the choco­late is still good for melt­ing and cook­ing. Al­ways keep choco­late well wrapped to avoid con­tact with the air.

Adding a small pinch of salt to most choco­late cakes, bakes and frost­ings brings out the choco­late flavour and im­proves the bake.

If you’re work­ing with choco­late and it’s on the cusp of turn­ing grainy (‘seiz­ing’), you may be able to save it. Stir in 1 tsp sun­flower oil and it may, if you're lucky, re­turn to silky smooth. How­ever, if it’s be­come to­tally solid or very gran­u­lar, it's best to start again.

Don’t let wa­ter drip into melt­ing choco­late or at­tempt to melt it in a steamy kitchen. Even a small amount of mois­ture causes seiz­ing.

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