5 ways with rasp­ber­ries

They re one of the best tastes of the sum­mer, so make the most of them in speedy puds, a sim­ple break­fast and a fruity vine­gar for sal­ads and drinks


Le­mon curd & rasp­berry pots (right)

Whip 300ml dou­ble cream un­til stiff. Gen­tly fold in

about ¾ of a 140g pun­net rasp­ber­ries, 4 tbsp le­mon curd and 4 roughly crushed

meringue nests so that some of the berries break up and some re­main whole to cre­ate a rip­ple ef­fect. Di­vide be­tween four glasses or bowls, then dot over the re­main­ing berries. Serves 4.

Ri­cotta & brioche break­fast

Toast 4 thick slices of brioche. Mean­while, beat 250g ri­cotta with 2 tbsp ic­ing su­gar, a few drops vanilla ex­tract and the zest of ½ le­mon. Spoon onto the toast, top with the berries and scat­ter with a JCPFHWN VQCUVGF ƃCMGF CNOQPFU. Serves 4.

Sim­ple rasp­berry cook­ies

Whisk 80g soft but­ter with 90g caster su­gar un­til creamy, then beat in 1 egg. Mix 200g RNCKP ƃQWT with 25g por­ridge oats, ½ tsp bak­ing pow­der, ½ tsp bi­car­bon­ate of soda

and ½ tsp ground cin­na­mon. Stir into the creamed mix­ture, then roll into about 15 small balls. Space well apart on two bak­ing sheets lined with bak­ing parch­ment. Flat­ten the balls slightly, then poke in 50g halved rasp­ber­ries. Bake at 190C/170C fan/gas 5 for 10-12 mins un­til golden. Cool on a wire rack. Makes 15.


Rub 200g rasp­ber­ries through a sieve to re­move the seeds, then sweeten with

1-2 tbsp ic­ing su­gar. Break up VTKƃG sponges and put in the base of four tall glasses with the juice of 1 large or­ange. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few whole berries, then driz­zle in the sauce. Top with a can of chilled thick

cus­tard, some whipped cream, if you like, and a few more berries. Makes 4.

Rasp­berry vine­gar

Tip 350g rasp­ber­ries into a pan with 60g caster su­gar and heat un­til the su­gar dis­solves. Pour into a bowl and add 400ml white wine vine­gar. Cover and leave for at least one week, «ÀiviÀ>L Þ Ì Àii] Ì > Ü Ì i y>Û ÕÀÃ Ì `iÛi «°

Strain and bot­tle. Use in dress­ings or di­lute with tonic for a tangy drink. Makes about 600ml.

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