Won­drous wall­flow­ers

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Peren­nial wall­flow­ers have been a favourite among gar­den­ers for many years; along with the old stal­warts there are some ex­cel­lent new va­ri­eties which are more com­pact and with a good fra­grance. Erysi­mum Red Jep is a super va­ri­ety which flow­ers for months on end. It forms a bushy plant with its deep pur­ple-red scented flow­ers fad­ing with age giv­ing it a two-tone ef­fect.

E.Fra­grant sun­shine is an­other good com­pact scented va­ri­ety. Its bright yel­low flow­ers re­ally shine out at the front of the bor­der but a slightly taller va­ri­ety is E. Apri­cot Twist, with fra­grant bright zingy orange flow­ers which fade to a soft orange as they age. I can’t en­thuse about Erysi­mums with­out men­tion­ing one of the old favourites, E.Bowles Mauve. Although not scented like the va­ri­eties above it can flower from spring to au­tumn, its mauve flow­ers beau­ti­fully off-set by its grey-green fo­liage.

Erysi­mums grow best in poor to mod­er­ately fer­tile, well-drained soil in full sun although they will tol­er­ate par­tial shade. If left untrimmed some can be­come leggy and woody over time, so giv­ing them a mid-sum­mer trim will sac­ri­fice some flow­ers but help main­tain a com­pact bush plant. Cut­tings can be taken at the same time and can be used to re­place any old plants which have be­come un­tidy.

Bowles Mauve

Red Jep

Apri­cot Twist

Fra­grant Sun­shine

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