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Time to break out your sum­mer fra­grance

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Many brands pro­duce lim­ited edi­tion ‘al­co­hol­free’ ver­sions of their clas­sic fra­grances in sum­mer which are com­pletely safe in the sun

THE WARMER weather has ar­rived and it is time for the coats and cardies to re­turn to the wardrobe and the sleeve­less and strap­less num­bers to es­cape and strut their stuff. Fra­grance can also be re­assessed at this time of year as per­haps that sen­sual co­coon­ing ori­en­tal per­fume, so per­fect for win­try days and nights, seems too much on a warm sunny day.

This is the era of the fra­grance wardrobe. Be­cause there is so much choice out there and women are more ed­u­cated about the world of scent, they have be­come far more dis­cern­ing. Wear­ing one favourite all year round is no longer the norm and hav­ing dif­fer­ent scents for dif­fer­ent moods, oc­ca­sions and sea­sons is now widely ac­cepted.

I like to think of my favourite win­ter fra­grances as fur coats, cash­mere jumpers and woolly scarves and my sum­mer choices as strappy sun­dresses, linen tops and flip flops! Wear­ing these items in the wrong sea­son doesn’t make sense and scents are no dif­fer­ent. The won­der­ful Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Serge Lutens Am­bre Sul­tan and Atkin­son’s Oud Save

the Queen are my cold weather friends but when the sun comes out it is Chanel No 19, Creed

Vir­gin Is­land Wa­ter and Char­lotte Til­bury Scent of a Dream for me.

Do re­mem­ber though that when you are spritz­ing with gay aban­don, sun and scent don’t al­ways go to­gether. The UV rays can trig­ger an ad­verse re­ac­tion and re­sult in red­ness and ir­ri­tated skin but it’s a myth that scent can’t be worn in the sun – you sim­ply need to fol­low the rules:

I Look for ‘eau fraiche’ on the la­bel which is al­ways light and airy.

Many brands pro­duce lim­ited edi­tion ‘al­co­hol-free’ ver­sions of their clas­sic fra­grances in sum­mer which are com­pletely safe in the sun, and you can spray them on your clothes with­out stain­ing. How­ever they do have a shorter life on the skin.

A fra­granced dry oil spray is ideal and of­fers a level of mois­ture for the skin too.

Spray your scent on a cot­ton wool ball and tuck it in your bra or bikini. Your body heat will do the trick.

Spritz your sun hat or beach bag.

Estée Lauder al­ways sprayed her hair and a gen­tle mist from 30cm won’t do any harm (but not too of­ten).

Sum­mer nights are dif­fer­ent – any­thing goes fra­grance­wise – but be sure to shower the residue off be­fore the next day of sun wor­ship­ping.

A brand new scent has just ar­rived and it has to be my hot tip for those warm sum­mer nights. It’s Terre de Lu­miere eau de par­fum from L’Oc­c­i­tane.

Cap­tured dur­ing the short mo­ment at dusk in Provence as the sun falls and the sky fills with golden light, it is zesty to start with, then the laven­der honey is re­leased and it set­tles down with a bal­samic and musky base.

So when the mer­cury climbs and the sun beats down, stay safe and still smell won­der­ful!

Above: I Terre De Lu­miere

Suzie Abel

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