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Alert to new ideas and trends (2, 3, 4)

Word by which a per­son or thing is known (4)

Tall grass-like plants that grow in wa­ter (6)

Judy … and Richard Made­ley, TV pre­sen­ters (8) Not high (3) Empty or avail­able area (5) Smooth cloth made from fi­bres pro­duced by an in­sect (4)

Saint tra­di­tion­ally com­mem­o­rated on Fe­bru­ary 14th (9)

Lee? Pam? Me? Ana­gram of spy in “The Avengers” played by Diana Rigg and then Uma Thur­man (4, 4)

… of the Roses, 15th cen­tury strug­gles for the throne be­tween the houses of York and Lan­caster (4) Farm tool (6) Seag­ull-type birds that sound like some­thing moves to point in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion? (5) Ana­gram of “tram” (4) Op­po­site of young (3) When an­swered cor­rectly, the let­ters in the shaded squares will spell a lo­cal river.

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