Con­tribut­ing Ed­i­tor El­iza Honey tries to wel­come the dawn with the Lu­mie ‘Body­clock Luxe 750D’

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What does it do? Also known as a ‘dawn simulator’, this alarm clock’s main at­trac­tion is its light, which is spe­cially de­vel­oped to help re­set your body­clock to ease you into early morn­ings. This up­dated ver­sion also comes with an in­te­grated DAB ra­dio and Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity, as well as a white noise set­ting.

How does it work? The clock, which is big­ger than most, grad­u­ally lights up each morn­ing to wake you up – you can choose how grad­u­ally, from 90 min­utes to 15. The idea is that, prompted by the light, your body stops pro­duc­ing mela­tonin and in­stead pro­duces cor­ti­sol, which is the hor­mone that rouses you. The same can be done at night, slowly de­creas­ing the light in the room to pre­pare you for sleep. Do I need it in my bed­room? I’ve tri­aled this for a long pe­riod of time – in the win­ter it’s quite ef­fec­tive (and bright, be warned), but it’s not nec­es­sar­ily use­ful in the sum­mer months as the sun tends to beat the Lu­mie to it. While this clock hasn’t suc­ceeded in re-set­ting my body­clock – or turn­ing me into a morn­ing per­son – I am happy to never hear the ring of an alarm clock again (though that set­ting is avail­able). £199 (lu­

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