Features Ed­i­tor Amy Moorea Wong drifts off with a lit­tle help from the ‘Dodow’ sleep light sys­tem

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What does it do? The ‘Dodow’ projects a slowly pul­sat­ing beam of light onto the ceil­ing, which you syn­chro­nise your breath­ing with, in­hal­ing as it gets big­ger and ex­hal­ing as it be­comes smaller. The de­vice is won­der­fully neat and com­pact – I barely no­ticed it dur­ing wak­ing hours.

How does it work? The light will help you grad­u­ally slow your breath­ing down to the op­ti­mal rate of six breaths per minute, which bal­ances the ner­vous sys­tem and calms the body down be­fore sleep. You’re also en­cour­aged to fo­cus on ab­dom­i­nal breath­ing (deep, yogic breaths). The light is sub­tle enough not to dis­turb part­ners who drift off quickly, and will au­to­mat­i­cally turn off when it’s fin­ished, after eight or 20 min­utes. Do I need it in my bed­room? As some­one who finds it fairly easy to fall asleep, I did find my­self ready to close my eyes be­fore the light show was over, and hav­ing to keep ly­ing on my back to watch it was slightly un­com­fort­able (ap­par­ently I’m a side sleeper). But it did slow my breath­ing down – I could feel my body phys­i­cally re­lax­ing – and it man­aged to stop my mind from mak­ing the next day’s to- do list, as I re­ally fo­cused on just breath­ing. £44 (my­dodow.com).

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