Se­nior Features Writer Char­lotte Brook wakes up and smells the cof­fee with the ‘Sen­sor­wake’

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What does it do? French­man, alarm avoider and morn­ing­misan­thrope Guil­laume Rol­land dreamt of a world where one would be wo­ken by the scent of break­fast, or per­haps a freshly mown lawn, rather than the ring­ing of a bell. That’s the con­cept of his in­ven­tion, ‘Sen­sor­wake’ – the world’s first smell- based alarm clock that wakes you with a pleas­ant, but po­tent, scent of your choice. The de­sign is square, not dis­sim­i­lar to a retro TV, with a dig­i­tal clock face that glows.

How does it work? Firstly, choose your aroma: th­ese in­clude pep­per­mint, cut grass, cof­fee, cho­co­late, crois­sant and ‘sea­side’, which is evoked us­ing ac­tual sea wa­ter and a type of trop­i­cal Tahi­tian gar­de­nia oil called monoi. Th­ese come in cap­sules, which last for 30 awak­en­ings. Set the alarm and, as the hour to arise ap­proaches, the scent is emit­ted. And if the per­fume doesn’t do the trick, after three min­utes, a jolly tune kicks in. Do I need it in my bed­room? If you find the tra­di­tional gong of an alarm clock trau­matic, then this is a good al­ter­na­tive. If, like me, how­ever, your in­stinct when awo­ken by the smell of some­thing very strong is to panic that there’s a house fire, then maybe it’s not. £100, Har­rods (har­rods.com).

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