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Empire (UK) - - IN CIN­E­MAS - KN

DIREC­TOR Alice Winocour CAST Matthias Schoe­naerts, Diane Kruger, Paul Hamy

Vin­cent (Matthias Schoe­naerts), in­valided out of the French army with PTSD, takes a job as body­guard to the wife (Diane Kruger) and son of an arms dealer. While the shady busi­ness­man is away, Vin­cent be­comes con­vinced his clients are in dan­ger and pre­pares to fight for them. Alice Winocour’s sim­mer­ing thriller/char­ac­ter study is like a Trans­porter movie di­rected by Chan­tal Ak­er­man, with su­perb work from Schoe­naerts as a but­toned-down, para­noid ex-sol­dier who senses evil forces in ev­ery shadow... but, de­spite all his is­sues, just might turn out to be right. Psy­cho­log­i­cally acute with­out the need for Os­car-bait­ing self-pity­ing speeches, it’s also ter­rif­i­cally sus­pense­ful with a provoca­tive punch­line.

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