Take My Breath Away


For the lengthy speeches, es­pe­cially Fass­ben­der’s hy­per-rhetorical mode as Jobs, Boyle edited out the ac­tors paus­ing for breath. “We shot with these long, long takes, which al­lowed ac­tors to get into this propul­sive rhythm. Edit­ing, you can see them re­fresh­ing the tank, you start to iden­tify it.” So he re­moved them; these tiny re­frac­tions of time. “We lit­er­ally jumped re­al­ity. It gives a kind of breath­less qual­ity to it, where you are lis­ten­ing, al­most not breath­ing your­self.” He still has the au­dio file con­tain­ing all the stolen breaths.

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