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Beau­ti­ful Lie

Hans Zim­mer: this is re­ally Lex Luthor. i just thought it was fun to write with harp­si­chords and fid­dles in a bad ver­sion of Pur­cell. i just wanted him to stick out of the score like a sore thumb.

2 Their War Here

Junkie XL: With­out any spoiler alerts, we are more or less thrown back to the end of the Man Of Steel movie. We see what’s hap­pened in me­trop­o­lis through the eyes of Bruce Wayne. We did some drum ses­sions with th­ese amaz­ing drum­mers we used on Man Of Steel.

3 The Red Capes Are Com­ing

HZ: i love my weird in­stru­ments, like the harp­si­chord. i can’t help it. i was look­ing at Luthor and his quirk­i­ness. For me, he is su­per-com­pelling.

4 Day Of The Dead

HZ: thishis is re­ally re­mind­ing us who su­per­man is. it’s s very much the sound of the pre­vi­ous movie in­clud­ing my in­cred­i­bly dodgy pi­ano play­ing on my hum­ble upright pi­ano. it’s s the op­po­site to what Bruce Wayne would have. it’s s an hon­est tune.

5 Must There Be A Su­per­man

JXL: One of my per­sonal favourites. it’s defin­ing what su­per­man is for hu­man­ity. it’s a re­ally emo­tional piece.

6 New Rules 7 Do You Bleed?

JXL: i was work­ing on the Bat­man­su­per­man fight. there are some re­lent­less, re­ally crazy sounds.

8 Prob­lems Up Here 9 Black And Blue 10 Tues­day 11 Is She With You?

HZ: there were end­less dis­cus­sions be­tween Junkie and my­self about what the mu­sic for Won­der Woman should be like, and end­less per­mu­ta­tions of this track. should it be a ban­shee cry? i sud­denly re­mem­bered this bril­liant elec­tric cel­list called tina guo. she’s very softly spo­ken, but she wields her elec­tric cello like a sword. i re­ally wanted it to be a woman play­ing that line. it was im­por­tant to me that it wouldn’t be a testos­terone en­ergy.

12 This Is My World 13 Men Are Still Good

(The Bat­man Suite)

HZ: it’s a very min­i­mal­ist idea, show­ing a char­ac­ter’s du­al­ity with a min­i­mum of notes. the whole thing is just two chords which couldn’t be fur­ther apart from each other. it de­fies a lot of the rules of mu­sic. i think th­ese char­ac­ters defy all the rules.

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