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I re­cently showed my five year-old son my 16-year col­lec­tion of the finest-ever film mag­a­zine, grant­ing him un­bri­dled ac­cess to my li­brary so he could learn about films. off his own back, he de­cided to make his own Em­pire mag­a­zine, based on Juras­sic World. In­side he re­vealed in­tri­cate plot de­tails of the new LEGO Bat­man Movie and re­viewed all the Star Wars films. I am very proud, but aware that my col­lec­tion seems to be get­ting thin­ner and out of order.


This is amaz­ing work, Damon. But don’t take it from us: we were so im­pressed by your son’s ef­forts that we sent it on to juras­sic world direc­tor Colin Trevor­row. Colin says: “We spent months work­ing on our em­pire cover and this artist tops it in a day? How did he find out what hap­pens in the se­quel?”

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