“It’s show­time, okay?”

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Set­ting the Scene When it came to cast­ing the small but juicy role of in­spec­tor Dou­glas todd, the su­pe­rior of Detroit law­man Axel Fo­ley (eddie Murphy), direc­tor Martin Brest went with gil hill, an ac­tual ex-de­tec­tive and vet­eran of the Detroit homi­cide di­vi­sion. it was a smart move. ev­ery scene be­tween hill and Murphy crack­les with hi­lar­i­ous en­ergy, es­pe­cially this first en­counter fol­low­ing a dis­as­trous at­tempt at a bust by Fo­ley. hill sadly died this year, but his legacy as cin­ema’s great­est an­gry po­lice chief lives on.


Axel is be­ing warned by fel­low cop Jef­frey (Paul Reiser) that his boss is on the warpath. Sud­denly, the last voice Fo­ley wants to hear rings out.

In­spec­tor Todd (O.S.): IS THAT FUCKIN’ FO­LEY IN HERE?

Axel: Shit.

Jef­frey: Al­right, there’s Todd. It’s show­time, okay?

In­spec­tor Todd storms right up to Axel.

Axel: Hey, boss, I know what you’re go­ing to say, but...

In­spec­tor Todd (in­ter­rupt­ing): You mind telling me where the fuck you come off go­ing un­der­cover with­out au­tho­ri­sa­tion from me? What the fuck is this all about? You wanna play some fuck­ing bull­shit cow­boy cop, go do it in some­body else’s precinct.

Axel: Don’t you want to hear my side of the story?

In­spec­tor Todd: What’s your fuck­ing side of the story?

Axel (af­ter a long beat): Let’s hear your side of the story.

In­spec­tor Todd: Hey, Axel, I’m not tak­ing any more of this shit from you. You know how much this lit­tle stunt of yours is go­ing to cost this city?

Axel: I don’t think cost is the is­sue here, sir. I think the is­sue should be my bla­tant dis­re­gard for proper pro­ce­dure.

In­spec­tor Todd: You damn right, wiseass! The Mayor called the Chief. The Chief called the Deputy Chief. The Deputy Chief just chewed my ass off. You see I don’t have any bit of it left, don’t you? Where the fuck did you get a truck­load of cig­a­rettes from any­way?

Axel: From the Dear­born hi­jack.

In­spec­tor Todd: From the Dear­born hi­jack? That fuck­ing bust went down last week. That truck is sup­posed to be in the damn pound!

Jef­frey (whis­per­ing to Axel): I tried to tell you.

In­spec­tor Todd: Jef­frey, this is none of your fuck­ing busi­ness!

Jef­frey: This is not my locker...

He van­ishes.

In­spec­tor Todd (soft­en­ing): Lis­ten, Axel. No more of these set-ups, you un­der­stand? You’re a good cop and you’ve got great po­ten­tial. But you don’t know ev­ery fuck­ing thing. And I’m tired of tak­ing the heat for your ass. One more time, you’re out on the street. Do you un­der­stand me?

Axel: But, boss, let me tell you...

In­spec­tor Todd: Do you un­der­stand me?

Axel: Yeah, I un­der­stand.

The in­spec­tor starts to walk away.

Axel: Boss, the chief ain’t chewed it all off. You still got a lit­tle ass there.

In­spec­tor Todd: Don’t fuck with me, Axel. Not now. Go on. Go home.

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