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The aliens po­si­tioned 108 City De­stroy­ers over the Earth. We see three. All of them in the United States (funny that). But Roland Em­merich made that trio count, crank­ing up the ten­sion with a countdown clock and, as it hit zero, Jeff Gold­blum’s re­al­i­sa­tion that, “Time’s up.” Then the blue lasers let rip, de­stroy­ing the Em­pire State Build­ing, the White House and… that one in LA (ac­tu­ally the U. S. Bank Tower). Much im­i­tated since, but never bet­tered. Af­ter all, when you’ve de­stroyed the White House, where else is there to go? Per­haps we’ll find out on June 24, when Em­merich’s aliens re­turn to cre­ate may­hem all over again.

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