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4 Delpy was 14 when Jean-luc Go­dard dis­cov­ered her in 1984. He cast her in Dé­tec­tive (1985). In 1993, Krzysztof Kie lowski cast her as the lead in Three Colours White.

5 Wak­ing Life is Lin­klater’s 2001 an­i­mated dra­madoc­u­men­tary cu­rio. Hawke and Delpy reprise Be­fore

Sun­rise’s Jesse and Ce­line, who lie in bed dis­cussing death and con­scious­ness.

6 Hawke has four chil­dren: daugh­ter Maya (17) and son Levon (14) with exwife Uma Thur­man, and daugh­ters Cle­men­tine (seven) and In­di­ana (four) with sec­ond wife Ryan Shawhughes.

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