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Empire (UK) - - REVIEW - DAN Jolin

It’s hard to imag­ine any­one’s list of great ’80s sci-fi movies, how­ever long, in­clud­ing 1985’s En­emy Mine. It didn’t ex­actly en­joy aus­pi­cious be­gin­nings. af­ter terry Gil­liam turned it down, it went into production at 20th Cen­tury Fox with richard Lon­craine at the helm, was shut down a week into shoot­ing be­cause of cre­ative dif­fer­ences, and then re­launched from scratch with Wolf­gang Petersen di­rect­ing. It ran mas­sively over­bud­get, re­ceived shruggy re­views and died at the Us box of­fice. It’s since en­joyed no cult resur­gence, no sec­ond life in home entertainment. and yet, with this bare-bones Blu-ray de­but (one ex­tended scene, that’s yer lot), it is worth re­vis­it­ing.

re­lo­cat­ing the premise of John Boor­man’s 1968 World War II yarn Hell In The Pa­cific to deep space, En­emy Mine co-stars a fresh-faced den­nis Quaid and a pros­thet­ics-swad­dled Louis Gos­sett Jr. as hu­man and alien foes. stranded on an in­hos­pitable world, they are forced to work to­gether to sur­vive. Nat­u­rally, it turns out the rep­til­ian, hermaphrodite drac has more to teach the ag­gres­sive, ig­no­rant hu­man than vice versa.

Quaid and Gos­sett tran­scend the fakey VFX and sets (more Bat­tle

Be­yond The Stars than Star Wars), their on-screen com­pan­ion­ship tak­ing an in­ter­est­ing turn when “Jerry” the drac re­veals it’s preg­nant and davidge the Earth­ling re­alises he’s go­ing to be­come a ‘par­ent’. It gives the film an un­ex­pected, al­most-john hughes vibe for a while (It’s

Hav­ing A Lizard-baby?) in a much warmer, more sen­ti­men­tal movie than the set-up sug­gests — too warm, per­haps, for some­thing re­leased while the Cold War was still go­ing strong. Maybe if it had been re­leased a few years later, once Glas­nost had re­ally kicked in, it may have en­joyed the suc­cess it bet­ter de­served.

Top: Hav­ing started with pol­i­tics, next they’d try re­li­gion. Above: The Nando’s was def­i­nitely round here ac­cord­ing to Google Maps.

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