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“My ver­sion of events is: we get a gig sup­port­ing Sis­ter Lovers in Glas­gow. There’s a few of us, so we all put a bit of money in and get a van. We get there, and the geezer who runs the venue is go­ing, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ We say, ‘We’re Oa­sis.’ He goes, ‘You’re not down, you’re not fuck­ing play­ing.’

There was no threat­en­ing to smash the gaff up, that’s not true. We were go­ing, ‘Come on, man, we’re fuck­ing mega.’ Even­tu­ally he says we can go on quickly as the doors open. We did four songs, and fin­ished with I Am The Wal­rus. In fact, that’s what I was say­ing to the guy be­fore: ‘We do I Am The Wal­rus, man! Even The Bea­tles never played I Am The Wal­rus.’ We’re shit-hot!’ Any­way, we came off, and Noel comes over and goes, ‘We’ve just been of­fered a deal.’ I said, ‘Who by?’ And he said, ‘[Cre­ation Records founder] Alan Mcgee.’ ‘Who’s that?’ He points over at him and I’m like, ‘What, that gin­ger cunt? I’m not sign­ing with him.’ Did I chat to him? I might have. I think he said, ‘You look fuck­ing great,’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’”

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