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“The rule in Oa­sis was you can do — at the most — a foot tap. Any­one mov­ing around, and you’d be get­ting fuck­ing sacked. A foot tap is al­right, but that’s as far as it goes. Maybe do your hair a bit in-between songs. But the stand­ing still thing, I think it started when we were do­ing big­ger gigs. I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna take the easy route!’ And then ev­ery­one was re­ally dig­ging it, like, ‘Fuck­ing hell, man, you look cool as fuck.’ And I just went, ‘I can do that again for you to­mor­row night, no prob­lem!’ That was just my thing, I guess. For one: I can’t fuck­ing dance. For two: it’s not for me, all that jumpin­garound shit. Far too en­er­getic. So in my head it was, ‘Let’s go the com­plete op­po­site way.’ It was like anti-en­ter­tain­ment: let the mu­sic soak ev­ery­one up, and let them go nuts. There were nights when it was all go­ing fuck­ing apeshit, and you’d get in your stance on stage and next thing... you’re in. Then it just feels like you’re con­trol­ling the fuck­ing mad­ness. And you can’t dance to Oa­sis mu­sic any­way, can you? It isn’t dance­able mu­sic, is it?”

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