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“Just hear­ing peo­ple who speak a dif­fer­ent lan­guage singing your mu­sic back was mad. Say, if a Ja­panese band came out now, and they came over here, even if ev­ery­one was like, ‘They sound like fuck­ing God,’ I’d be like, ‘You need to do it in English.’ But we were sound­ing ex­actly like that to them, and they were get­ting it. So that showed me that the mu­sic was pow­er­ful. It was by­pass­ing the lan­guage bar­rier, and just hit­ting them with the feel­ing. I loved Ja­pan. The jet lag and the whisky and the drink­ing can send you a bit fuck­ing cuckoo. I’ve al­ways been ab­so­lutely twisted in Ja­pan, never been there sober, so it’s al­ways been a bit mad. I re­mem­ber I was shar­ing a ho­tel room with Guigsy and he fuck­ing hated it. I’d be com­ing back with a shit­load of peo­ple and he’d be like, ‘What you do­ing?’ ‘I’m hav­ing a party, you mis­er­able cunt, put your book down and let’s fuck­ing go!’ I loved it. I re­mem­ber it be­ing fuck­ing well hot, and loads of kids go­ing mad, but that’s what you want, in­nit? Got some shit-hot clothes as well. Bit small. But one day I’ll get into them.”

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