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“my favourite scenes are more about mood. This long hold­ing shot of Dirk Dig­gler in the fire­cracker/drugs heist in Boo­gie Nights was sup­posed to last sec­onds, but mark Wahlberg kept go­ing and this lit­tle mo­ment of magic was cre­ated as we see him gath­er­ing him­self to get up and leave. It’s a bel­ter of a scene.” Dirk (Wahlberg), Todd (Thomas Jane) and Reed (John C Reilly) have come to Ra­had’s (Al­fred Molina) place to sell him co­caine — ac­tu­ally bak­ing soda. As Ra­had’s body­guard checks the coke, the trio are on a sofa, watch­ing Ra­had dance in his robe. The mood is tense – not helped by a young Asian man, Cosmo, ran­domly let­ting off fire­crack­ers. Ra­had crosses the room and pro­duces a large box. RA­HAD: Now you wanna see some­thing re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing? He opens the box to re­veal a huge gun. REED: that’s not loaded, is it? RA­HAD: Not yet. He takes out a bul­let, puts it in the cham­ber and spins it. He waves the gun around. REED: Do not point the gun, please? sir? todd! Ra­had puts the gun un­der his chin as Dirk and his friends urge him not to pull the trigger.

RA­HAD: What, you think i can’t do it? Huh? Huh? You think i can’t do it? You guys wanna see me do it? You dare me?

REED: No, we don’t dare you! Ra­had pulls the trigger. Click. He laughs ma­ni­a­cally. Dirk, Reed and Todd are re­lieved. But also ter­ri­fied. Ra­had, cack­ling, bows to them. RA­HAD: Your fuck­ing faces, man! He puts the gun on the man­tel­piece. Reed looks at Dirk for sup­port, but Dirk is star­ing in­tently at his lap. Ra­had points to his stereo.

RA­HAD: i love this thing. i make these lit­tle mix­tapes, i put all my favourite songs to­gether. Hey, cosmo, which one is this? Num­ber 11, yeah. i love it. You know when you buy a tape or some­thing, or an al­bum, and you put it on and the songs, the bands put it in some fuck­ing or­der like they want you to lis­ten to it in that or­der? i hate that. You know? i fuck­ing hate that. i don’t like to be told what to lis­ten to, when to lis­ten to it or ANY­THING — The tape sud­denly clicks off. We see the tape is ‘My Awe­some Mix Tape #6’. Ra­had stares at it. The mood is tense. Then he smiles. Cosmo lets off an­other fire­cracker. RA­HAD: Fuck. it’s cosmo. He’s chi­nese. that’s why he likes let­ting off fire­crack­ers, huh? He hugs Cosmo, who lets off an­other fire­cracker. The tape re­sumes — now it’s Rick Spring­field’s

Jessie’s Girl. The friends watch as Ra­had takes an­other hit. He dances across the room, half-singing. RA­HAD: ricky spring­field. the fire, man! As he con­tin­ues to sing and dance, the cam­era holds on Dirk, who’s about to freak out. Eyes dart­ing around the room, he scratches his head, then a grim smile plays on his face as he pon­ders the hor­ror of the scene. Reed says some­thing, and Dirk nods, but he’s not re­ally lis­ten­ing. Fi­nally he rubs his tem­ple, a de­ci­sion made. He stands up. DIRK: sir. We gotta split, man. We gotta go.

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