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We scour co-cre­ator Mark Frost’s new book, The Se­cret His­tory Of Twin Peaks, for clues of what to ex­pect in the re­vival IL­LUS­TRA­TION JACEY

Ma­jor Gar­land Briggs __ The Se­cret His­tory is a dossier of clip­pings col­lected by ‘The Ar­chiv­ist’, ul­ti­mately re­vealed as Ma­jor Briggs (Bobby Briggs’ fa­ther). Briggs Sr was played by Don Davis, whose pass­ing in 2008 means he won’t be re­turn­ing to the show — un­less he’s re­cast, which seems un­likely, if not out of the ques­tion.

FBI Spe­cial Agent Ta­mara Pre­ston __ The archives have notes by ‘TP’ — FBI agent Ta­mara Pre­ston. Asked about the pos­si­bil­ity of her mak­ing an ap­pear­ance, Frost has said only, “You’ll find out.”

Agent Cooper __ When we last left Agent Cooper, he had sur­vived an en­counter with a snarling Bob and his own dou­ble — leav­ing Coop smash­ing his head into a bath­room mir­ror and ma­ni­a­cally re­peat­ing “How’s An­nie?” Cooper (Kyle Ma­clach­lan) is back, but will he also be play­ing his dop­pel­gänger? A phrase in The Se­cret His­tory — “fear the dou­ble” — hints he might.

Harry S. Tru­man __ Michael on­tkean isn’t re­turn­ing, and now we know why: his char­ac­ter, Sher­iff Harry S. Tru­man, was killed two years af­ter the events of the orig­i­nal se­ries. In­stead, ac­tor Robert Forster — who was orig­i­nally of­fered the role of Twin Peaks’ Sher­iff, but was un­able to ac­cept due to a prior com­mit­ment — will ap­pear as a char­ac­ter named Frank Tru­man, pos­si­bly Harry’s brother.

Ufos __ Judg­ing by the num­ber of The Se­cret His­tory’s pages de­voted to Ufos, we may learn more about a wood­land space­ship en­counter by Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stan­ton) and bud­ding Log Lady (Cather­ine Coul­son) when they were lit­tle. How this con­nects to the Black Lodge, the Red Room, Bob or owls has yet to be ex­plained. DAVID HUGHES

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