As the fan­tasy show heads into its fi­nal chap­ter — the two-part Sea­son 7 — three Hol­ly­wood stars tell us how they’re feel­ing

SA­MUEL L. JACK­SON _ “I don’t have any real pre­dic­tions — I like to be sur­prised. I read all the books and I’m still kinda pissed that home­boy hasn’t writ­ten the last two. I ac­tu­ally only started to read them be­cause I wanted to see Jof­frey dead so bad — I had to know that moth­er­fucker died. And then I just kept on read­ing. I just want the show to be as ex­cit­ing and in­trigu­ing as it al­ways has been. But I do think it would be too easy for it to end up be­ing Jon Snow or Daen­erys on the throne. It’s go­ing to be more in­ter­est­ing than that.”

OC­TAVIA SPENCER _ “Game Of Thrones is my de­com­press­ing time. I want to be alone and I don’t want any noise. If there’s any yelling and scream­ing at the TV, it’s me: “OH MY GOD! WHY ARE YOU DO­ING THAT?!” I’m to­tally that per­son. I think Daen­erys and Jon are go­ing to turn out to be sis­ter and brother. And I think they’re go­ing to team up to de­feat Cer­sai and take the Iron Throne. They couldn’t do it with­out Tyrion — he’s the strat­egy dude. And the drag­ons are a key el­e­ment. They’re go­ing to help de­feat the armies.” DAISY RI­D­LEY _ “My opin­ion on the next sea­son? There will be sex and killing and many breasts. I’m friends with Gwen [Christie] and I text her all the time. She’s prob­a­bly like, ‘Oh my God, can she stop tex­ting me?’ Here’s what I think will hap­pen. The one-eyed raven or the three-eyed raven, he will be around. Khaleesi will have some drag­ons. And Gwen will kill some peo­ple.” NICK DE SEMLYEN

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