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Hi billy

I re­cently joined a pop­u­lar dat­ing app and met a girl whose com­pany I en­joy. But we’d only been on a cou­ple of dates, and I wanted to keep my op­tions open, so set up a date with an­other match. But when I told the first girl this, she went bal­lis­tic. I didn’t think we were ex­clu­sive, just hav­ing fun. But she’s say­ing she won’t see me any­more. Am I in the wrong here? Yours, KW

Quite sim­ply, KW, you sound like a man, and she a woman. I com­mend your hon­esty, but must cor­rect your tim­ing. es­tab­lish the terms of en­gage­ment be­fore your ‘dates’, to avoid any mis­un­der­stand­ing at the gate, and use it as an or­gan­is­ing prin­ci­ple while choos­ing your part­ners. Now to elab­o­rate upon my first com­ment: this will not en­sure mis­sile de­fence from a bal­lis­tic mis­sile, I’m afraid.

Dear billy

Love this col­umn. Didn’t think I’d write into it, though! But some­thing’s come up. A few months ago, I moved into a spare room. My land­lady is a lovely woman, about 20 years older than me. Not my type at all. But lately I’ve found my­self fan­cy­ing the pants off her. Oh, slight span­ner in the works: her son is my best mate. What do you reckon? Cheers, ej

Sti­fler’s Mom? Dude! Make the move. If she ac­cepts, then ask her how or if she wants to in­form her son. The level of in­ten­sity around the re­la­tion­ship will also in­form the de­ci­sions to fol­low. your big­ger is­sue is lodg­ing. Pre­pare for back-up ac­com­mo­da­tion as this will in­evitably lead to you need­ing your own place in a pinch. I doubt crash­ing on your mate’s couch is an op­tion.

Hi billy

I’m a bud­ding film­maker, try­ing to make my first short with a guy who’s been my best friend since school. How­ever, we had a blaz­ing row about cre­ative con­trol and now we’re not speak­ing. I’m the di­rec­tor, my friend is the writer (and lead ac­tor), and I think I should have fi­nal say. But he’s not budg­ing, and is threat­en­ing to sab­o­tage the film with a de­lib­er­ately bad per­for­mance. What should I do? Yours, ad

De­lib­er­ately bad? re­ally? That’s his sweet re­venge? fact-check that and come back to me. I think you are pro­ject­ing a lot. you signed off on the script, right? you are happy with it, I as­sume? It’s a short film you are boot­strap­ping with your mate. Nei­ther of you should have cre­ative con­trol. Col­lab­o­rate and com­pro­mise. Try to have fun to­gether. re­mem­ber, it’s film. It’s too im­por­tant to take se­ri­ously.

Dear billy

This may seem daft, but should I get a 4K TV? I wouldn’t ask, but I’m the guy who al­ways backs the wrong horse. Laserdiscs? I got ’em. And I still have my HD DVD player. So what do you think? Cheers, bm

More and more con­tent is be­ing shot in 4K, purely be­cause broad­cast­ers must fill the pipe they spent a but­t­load on to ac­com­mo­date it. How­ever, I’m not a fan of watch­ing movies in HD on an HD TV, let alone in 4K, sim­ply be­cause it’s ugly to my eye. It’s too sharp. Too real. I like grain and dif­fu­sion, per­son­ally. That said, sports rock in 4K! but I say save your cash and wait at least un­til the 4K TVS get cheaper, and the con­tent for it gets even more read­ily avail­able. Don’t get rid of your old TV. you will savour its unique low-fi qual­ity like a del­i­cacy, as they get phased out and as hard to find as bad weed these days.

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