THERE IS A small but solid clutch of films that have a mas­sive DO NOT TOUCH OR COME NEAR OR EVEN LOOK AT sticker slapped across them. Don’t at­tempt a re­make and by Christ, don’t at­tempt a se­quel. As we know, for ev­ery The God­fa­ther Part II there is a Breakin 2:

Elec­tric Booga­loo (*shud­der*). Blade Run­ner has al­ways sat squarely amongst those films. One of the great­est sci-fi films ever made, Ri­d­ley Scott’s por­trait of a dystopian world bru­talised by so­cial de­cay and de­void of hu­man­ity re­mains time­less (sound fa­mil­iar?). As the years have passed, each ru­moured se­quel (and pre­quel) has fallen away, our breaths slowly ex­hal­ing as they did. It was, we thought, never go­ing to hap­pen. And yet, here we are, 35 years later, and just over the hori­zon is Blade Run­ner 2049. It does feel in truth that we’ve been hold­ing our breaths once more, ever since news of the se­quel was con­firmed. Was Ri­d­ley Scott on board with it? Would Har­ri­son Ford’s Deckard re­turn? And in what ca­pac­ity? Hang on, is that Ryan Gosling?! And the big­gest question of all. The only one there ever is, re­ally. Oh God, will it be good? We can’t an­swer the last one defini­tively just yet (sorry!), but we are more hope­ful, and full-lunged as ever. Em­pire’s Ian Nathan went on set and wit­nessed De­nis Vil­leneuve’s new world com­ing to life, and it seems as rich, dark and mind-bend­ing as Ri­d­ley Scott’s ever was. Turn to p66 for his full re­port.

That’s not all we’ve got for you, though. We have the lat­est Han Solo news, a first look at

Detroit, all the de­tails on Steven Soder­bergh’s new heist flick and truly one of the cra­zi­est sto­ries I’ve ever read on the mak­ing of a film. Think Con Air is nuts? The movie’s got noth­ing on how it ac­tu­ally found its way to your cinema screen. Turn to p110, put up your feet and en­joy.

It’s been a blast this month.

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