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OUT 21 july / CERT Pg / 80 Mins di­rec­tor Leopoldo Aguilar cast Phillip Vasquez, Fiona Hard­ing­ham, Roger Jack­son, Katie Leigh

LU­CAS (VASQUEZ) THINKS he’s a nor­mal boy, liv­ing with his jovial dad (Jack­son) in a nor­mal way. The only mild odd­ity is that ev­ery day both he and Pops have to take medicine for a non-spe­cific con­di­tion. When Lu­cas ne­glects to take his, he dis­cov­ers it stops him as­sum­ing his real mon­ster form. True iden­tity re­vealed, Lu­cas goes on a jour­ney to find his ac­tual home and learn about his past. But this quest is not the thrill it might be. it’s cute but not espe­cially novel, and treats hav­ing the idea as enough, us­ing its mon­ster set­ting to make an over­played story seem more in­ter­est­ing than it re­ally is. For a film about a kid with dual iden­ti­ties, Mon­ster Is­land strug­gles to es­tab­lish just the one.

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