Big films tack­led by lit­tle peo­ple


MAX JOLIN — 7 SU­PER­MAN Do you be­lieve a man can fly, Max? Ob­vi­ously not. Lit­er­ally im­pos­si­ble. But did you be­lieve Su­per­man could? No. I be­lieve it was his cos­tume. Be­cause we never see him just go fly­ing around with­out his cos­tume. what did you think of the cos­tume? It just looks like it was shop-bought. It’s not a spe­cial one. It just looks like Jor-el bought it from a shop. what did you like about the film? Well, I liked the Lex Luthor in it more than the Lex Luthor in Bat­man v Su­per­man, be­cause he’s not as crazy and he is a bit cooler. I also like it at the start when they’re on Kryp­ton, and I like the spiky­ball thing that Su­per­man gets sent in to Earth. I also re­ally liked it when the wa­ter started pour­ing in and the earth­quake started hap­pen­ing after the sec­ond nu­clear bomb hit Cal­i­for­nia. what about when lois lane dies? Well, I was kind of re­lieved she didn’t come back to life at first, but how she

did come back to life was im­pos­si­ble. Be­cause tech­ni­cally all that Su­per­man did was he flew around the world at way more than light speed and sud­denly it’s a bit like it went back in time and Lois Lane came back alive and ev­ery­thing was fine again. I did not un­der­stand that. How many stars should the film get? Three-and-a-half. why can’t you go to four? Mostly be­cause of when Su­per­man was fly­ing round Earth. That was just silly. I ab­so­lutely hated that bit. would you like to see Su­per­man II? Hmm. I liked the ac­tor who plays Gen­eral Zod... I’d like to see how good it is.

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