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Empire (UK) - - RE.VIEW -

The mall-set Se­cu­rity is a nos­tal­gic take on ‘Die Hard in a…’ which yielded the likes of Sud­den Death, Cliffhanger, Un­der

Siege and many direct-to-video ef­forts in which slightly fad­ing or up-and-com­ing stars did the John mc­clane act in var­ied lo­cales and a va­ri­ety of char­ac­ter ac­tors en­joyed play­ing flam­boy­ant vil­lains.

mil­i­tary vet­eran ed­die Dea­con (an­to­nio Ban­deras) lands a low-pay gig as a night se­cu­rity guard in a mall. Nat­u­rally, on ed­die’s first night, things go south... a con­voy es­cort­ing a key wit­ness to a trial is am­bushed and wiped out, and trau­ma­tised kid Jamie (Kather­ine de la Rocha) stum­bles into the mall, then passes out. Char­lie, who would be more plau­si­bly benev­o­lent if he weren’t played by sir Ben Kings­ley do­ing a dead-on evil Welsh Richard Bur­ton ac­cent, shows up claim­ing to be the kid’s fa­ther, and shift boss Vance (liam mcin­tyre) is just about to hand the kid over when she screams… so ed­die takes charge, and finds him­self de­fend­ing the mall from an in­con­ceiv­ably large army of killer mer­ce­nar­ies out to ice the brat be­fore she can tes­tify that the mob did some­thing bad to her par­ents. screen­writ­ers John sul­li­van and Tony mosher don’t fuss the set-up de­tails too much, be­cause the meat of the movie is Ban­deras ral­ly­ing a small group of slack­ers and the kid to im­pro­vise weapons and fend off the hit squad as di­rec­tor alain Des­rochers (Nitro) stages fine B pic­ture ac­tion. an in­tense Ban­deras un­bends when the film em­braces ridicu­lous­ness... which co­in­cides with the ar­rival of sir Ben in one of his show­boat roles. Kings­ley gives great vil­lain. Se­cu­rity is a pleas­ant throw­back to an ear­lier era of hard-man ex­ploita­tion.

The Break-out: se­cu­rity

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