1 Who com­posed the sound­track to your 1966 hit Django? It’s Luis Bacalov. He’s a great com­poser. He’s from Ar­gentina, but has been liv­ing in Rome for years. Cor­rect. 2 In 1968 you were nom­i­nated for a Golden Globe for Camelot. In which cat­e­gory? At that time, it was called New­comer Of The Year. But then also, in Camelot, the song that I was singing won the Golden Globe — If Ever

I Should Leave You. I was hop­ing they would be giv­ing me the award, but it goes to the song. Cor­rect. 3 On Camelot, you met your fu­ture wife, Vanessa Red­grave. What was the name of the next film you made with her? Okay, with her, I made many movies. After that, we made a movie with a great Ital­ian di­rec­tor — Elio Petri. The movie was called A Quiet Place

In The Coun­try [in 1968]. For me, Elio Petri is the best Ital­ian di­rec­tor. I call him the Ital­ian Kubrick. Cor­rect. 4 In 1970 you worked with the leg­endary Luis Buñuel, on Tris­tana. Do you re­mem­ber where it was filmed? Oh, the movie was shot in Toledo. It was great work­ing with him. Buñuel was a ge­nius. You know, he never called me Franco, be­cause he was against Gen­eral Franco, the dic­ta­tor of Spain. So he called me “Nero!” Al­ways — “Nero! Nero!” Cor­rect. 5 In 1978, you ap­peared in Force 10 From Navarone. Who played the part of Colonel Mike Barnsby? It was Har­ri­son Ford. You know, if you read the orig­i­nal book, the lead­ing man was Greek, and I was sup­posed to play the lead­ing man. But then they changed it, be­cause Har­ri­son Ford made, a year be­fore, Star Wars, and it was an in­cred­i­ble suc­cess all over the world. And so they said, “Franco, let’s change your part.” But I ac­cepted that — be­cause they gave me more money. Cor­rect. 6 In 1982 you worked with the no­to­ri­ous Rainer Werner Fass­binder on Querelle. Who wrote the novel that it was based on? Jean Genet. You know, Fass­binder was very shy. One day, I went to his house, and there were all my movies. He had VHS cas­settes of all my movies. But it was a nice set. Andy Warhol came many times [to his house]. Cor­rect. 7 You played Esper­anza in Die Hard 2. What hap­pens to him? One sec­ond, I’m think­ing. Esper­anza… Well, I was on the plane, and the plane got, how you say, ex­ploded. So I died. What I re­mem­ber about that movie is that we flew all over the States, be­cause that year, there was no snow. And they couldn’t find the snow. So fi­nally, they found some snow in Den­ver, Colorado. And then, most of the snow was in the stu­dio. Fake snow! Cor­rect. 8 In the dubbed Ital­ian ver­sion of Cars 2 you voiced a char­ac­ter called Topolino. What kind of car is Topolino based on? Well, Topolino is a typ­i­cal Ital­ian car. Very pop­u­lar at that time. And my wife Vanessa, she played Topolina. His wife. It was very funny. In­cor­rect. The pre­cise an­swer is Fiat 500. 9 You re­turned as Django for a cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Un­chained. Jamie Foxx’s Django spells out his name for you. What do you re­ply? “I know.” Quentin in­sisted that I had to play this cameo, and he kept me in New Or­leans al­most a month. Orig­i­nally, my cameo was much, much longer. But then he cut it, be­cause the movie was very long any­way. It was five hours long. Cor­rect. 10 This year you were seen in John Wick: Chapter 2. You play a char­ac­ter called Julius. What is his job? He’s the di­rec­tor of the ho­tel in Rome. The Con­ti­nen­tal. That was an­other cameo. You do a cameo, which means a few scenes, and then they cut a lit­tle bit. But it’s al­right. I love Keanu. Cor­rect.


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