The Porgs and four other things we dis­cov­ered in the new Star

Wars: The Last Jedi footage JAMES DYER

DI­REC­TOR RIAN JOHN­SON and the cast of The Last Jedi braved armies of Cin­derella cos­play­ers at Dis­ney’s D23 Expo to un­veil a new be­hind-the-scenes video. A trea­sure trove of clues and ru­mour con­fir­ma­tions, we break down the five big ones be­low. WARN­ING! SPOILERS!

1. rey will take on the Knights Of Ren

Daisy Ri­d­ley and Adam Driver’s train­ing clips raise a few tan­ta­lis­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties. Rey is seen fend­ing off three as­sailants with her lightsaber, feed­ing spec­u­la­tion her nascent Jedi will go head-to-head with the Knights Of Ren, glimpsed briefly dur­ing her vi­sion se­quence in The Force

Awak­ens. What’s more, we see Driver bat­tling two sim­i­lar op­po­nents. Will he, too, fall foul of his for­mer crew? Could Ren and Rey team up?

2. Finn re­turns to the First Or­der

John Boyega’s Finn started out as a face­less stormtrooper, but he lands a pro­mo­tion in The

Last Jedi. In a fleet­ing scene, we see both Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico in First Or­der of­fi­cer get-up as they go un­der­cover be­hind en­emy lines.

3. Luke Sky­walker be­friends Space Pen­guins

Thought BB-8 was the most adorable thing in the galaxy? Think again. Hug­gable avians the Porgs are set to be Episode VIII’S an­swer to Ewoks. In other star-fauna news, we meet a crys­talline space fox and a big-eared steed we hear is rid­den for sport in Star Wars’ equiv­a­lent of the Grand Na­tional.

4. Phasma gets an en­tourage

Every­one’s favourite chrome-plated Cap­tain ac­quires some help in the form of the up­graded stormtroop­ers, glimpsed in their new, piebald ‘Ex­e­cu­tioner’ ar­mour. Each comes equipped with a nasty-look­ing, spiked grab­ber. The Re­sis­tance, mean­while, has gone full retro for their new hard­ware, dust­ing off some 1983-era A-wings, last mod­elled at the Bat­tle Of En­dor.

5. Laura Dern Will Shake Things Up

The most strik­ing new ad­di­tion is Laura Dern’s Vice Ad­mi­ral Ami­lyn Holdo, with her Katy Perry-style vi­o­let rinse and sleek cou­ture. Holdo is said to be a di­vi­sive char­ac­ter within the Re­sis­tance who could butt heads with Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. She’ll see her fair share of ac­tion, too, although not a com­bat pro quite yet. “Ev­ery time I fired my blaster on cam­era, I kept say­ing, ‘Pew, pew,’” con­fessed Dern. “I just couldn’t help it!”

Meet the Porgs. Watch those toys fly! Be­low, top to bot­tom: Rey (Daisy Ri­d­ley) will face big­ger bat­tles; Check out the spiked grab­ber; Laura Dern plays new­comer Ami­lyn Holdo.

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