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Empire (UK) - - COMIC CON -

What brings you here? We just fin­ished Death Note. The paint’s not dried on it yet — it’s about as fresh as a movie gets. And we’re here to get the word out. This is the first year I've come to Comic-con where I’ve not been film­ing at the time, so I’m go­ing to ac­tu­ally be able to en­joy it.

Who’s the most fa­mous per­son you’ve crossed paths with to­day? Hmm... let’s see. I haven’t come across many su­per-fa­mous peo­ple be­cause I’m al­ways be­ing shuf­fled from one area to the next. This morn­ing I did walk past John Cho. Our mod­er­a­tor this morn­ing was Terry Crews. But that’s about the ex­tent of it. Will Smith was ap­par­ently in the green room back­stage shadow-box­ing, but I missed that. That would have been the most fa­mous per­son I’ve ever met.

What are you most ex­cited about here that you’re not in­volved in? I’m ex­cited about the Blade Run­ner thing com­ing out, but right now in terms of things that I’m en­gaged with, Twin Peaks is the only thing that mat­ters in my life. I don’t think David Lynch is go­ing to be at the panel, but if he was here that would be the end-all. I’ve been dream­ing a lot about David Lynch, weirdly. I don’t know what’s go­ing on. That’s why I like that show, be­cause it’s do­ing some­thing to my brain. I dreamed two nights ago that David Lynch and I were con­fess­ing our love to each other, and it was pretty pow­er­ful. I woke up feel­ing, “Bum­mer. I had this real con­nec­tion to David Lynch and now I don’t.”

If you were cos­play­ing here, what would you be dressed as? Prob­a­bly some­thing re­ally easy to do. Even though Hal­lowe’en is my favourite hol­i­day of the year, I have a pho­bia about dress­ing up. When I was three or four years old, I re­mem­ber my mum dressed me up as Su­per­man and put bal­loons in my shirt to make mus­cles. I re­mem­ber feel­ing re­ally hu­mil­i­ated, and I don’t think I’ve dressed up for Hal­lowe’en since.

De­scribe Comic-con in three words. I am over­whelmed.


Above: Di­rec­tor Adam Win­gard. Be­low: Death

Note's de­monic god Ryuk, played by Willem Dafoe.

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