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Thor has long de­nied As­gar­dian bar­bers one hell of a pay­day by re­fus­ing to get his Fabio-es­que blond locks cut. No such luck on planet Sakaar. “There were many meet­ings about it,” says Rubeo of the rad­i­cal redo. “But it works. Chris is a great­look­ing guy and would look good bald.” Hemsworth, per­haps un­der­stand­ably, didn’t put the ham­mer down on the de­ci­sion. “He was happy he didn’t have to wear the ex­ten­sions.”


“Chris is a great spec­i­men,” says Rubeo of the tree trunks that Hemsworth calls arms, fully on dis­play af­ter be­ing largely en­cased in chain­mail in Thor: The Dark World. “The man works out so much. Those are his arms. And we thought [show­ing them] would make him heav­ier-look­ing.”


There was one de­sign el­e­ment Rubeo didn’t want to jet­ti­son. “He’s never go­ing to lose the discs,” she says of the big but­tons he’s sported for decades in the comics and since 2011 on the screen. “Th­ese feel part of his As­gar­dian look,” she adds. “In the other movies he wore maybe six, but we gave him two to hold his cape, and one on the side of his belt.” Three is the magic num­ber. Cos­tume de­signer Mayes C. Rubeo gives the in­side skinny on Thor’s new look


The red stripes down Thor’s face and left-hand side aren’t a nod to his bev­er­age of choice: th­ese are markings put on him when he gets to Sakaar. “It’s a big part of the story,” teases Rubeo. Why red — has Thor been marked for death? “It’s noth­ing to do with blood,” she adds. “That’s the ink they have at that mo­ment in the place he gets it.”


Yes, it’s true: Thor’s got a great cuirass. Which, of course, is a piece of ar­mour con­sist­ing of breast­plate and back­plate fas­tened to­gether (thanks, Wikipedia). “It is more sim­ple this time, and more faith­ful to the orig­i­nal de­signs of Jack Kirby,” says Rubeo. The cuirass, sculpted from real leather, is “a lot more ag­ile” than pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions. “And we re­duced a lot of the size of his cape. It’s not that hu­mon­gous cur­tain rod!”


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