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I’ve just shot Wel­come Home in this beau­ti­ful Ital­ian town, in Um­bria right next to tus­cany. I was out there for five weeks. that was cool. I’ve also shot out in south africa a few times, Eye In The Sky most re­cently, and just re­ally loved it, loved the peo­ple out there. It was beau­ti­ful. not to shit on the place be­cause I loved the peo­ple there, but the Ca­nary Is­lands on Ex­o­dus: Gods And Kings. I’m a foodie and where we shot there was no food around so you could only put two pieces of bread to­gether. It was also full of soft dirt that you’d walk through and cre­ate dust clouds.


I’ve got to be hon­est, any­time I put on my meth suit on Break­ing Bad, it felt good. Putting on that yel­low suit and walk­ing onto the lab set, I loved it. I felt Break­ing Bad had such in­cred­i­ble cos­tumes and dur­ing the first cou­ple of sea­sons, putting on Jesse’s at­tire was so spe­cial, it was just over-the-top. I had so much fun. I did this film years ago — I can’t re­mem­ber the ti­tle — that takes place in the late ’70s, so I had to wear plat­form shoes and the most ridicu­lous gaudy threads. I had lit­tle tiny springs pulling in my hair as well, so it was very un­com­fort­able. I’ve never seen that movie sim­ply be­cause I looked like such an id­iot.


I was on set once and there was an older woman who was so nice, so frail. I ended up walk­ing over to her and she told me what a huge fan she was of mine. she took a pic­ture and I hugged her. she asked me to quote some of Jesse pinkman’s lines. Hav­ing a 94-year-old woman be­ing an ob­sessed Break­ing Bad fan seemed so funny to me. I’ve had to Face­time some drunk guy’s brother while eat­ing my din­ner. we also had three fans crash our wed­ding. we had a 1920s parisian Car­ni­val theme and th­ese peo­ple were in stan­dard wed­ding at­tire. they stood out like a sore thumb. one girl nearly caught my wife’s bou­quet. we didn’t know it hap­pened un­til we looked back at our wed­ding photos.


I used to go into au­di­tions and just mud­dle through th­ese scenes, apol­o­gis­ing to the peo­ple I was au­di­tion­ing in front of. so I would have to say Break­ing Bad, be­cause even though it wasn’t that great an au­di­tion, it changed my life. I au­di­tioned for Clover­field with J.J. abrams. on Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble 3 J.J. had got me to do a magic trick in front of Tom Cruise and the en­tire crew which failed mis­er­ably. He re­minded me of this and I com­pletely lost my train of thought... I just gave up, said, “I’m sorry,” and walked out.


I guess it was when I re­alised it was not a fight any­more. maybe it was when I won my first emmy [in 2010]. It was a real mo­ment in my life. It’s not about the award as such, it was just a fun night. In the end there was some­thing mag­i­cal about it. I’ve had ups and downs in my ca­reer but al­ways paid my bills. I guess when I asked my par­ents for a loan, that was the low point. COME AND FIND ME Is out on 21 au­gust on DVD, blu-ray and Download.

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