Lock up your uni­corns: Dead­pool is back, and he’s got some new friends

Empire (UK) - - PRE.VIEW - words HE­LEN O’HARA

He’s mad, bad and dan­ger­ous to know but, like Lord by­ron, dead­pool has cool friends. Heav­ily scarred mu­tant Cable is ap­pear­ing in

Dead­pool 2, a se­cond marvel turn for Josh brolin to go with Thanos. Cable’s timey-wimey back­story will not be fully ex­plained here, but es­sen­tially he’s Jean Grey and Cy­clops’ son. Nathan ‘Cable’ sum­mer was born in an al­ter­nate fu­ture where mu­tants are hunted, and he’s had one eye and arm re­placed with Ter­mi­na­tor-look­ing cy­ber­net­ics. He’s strong, un­canny and deadly se­ri­ous.

but there’s another key, new flavour: domino, played by Zazie beetz (At­lanta). she’s a gifted markswoman with the mu­tant power to twist prob­a­bil­ity in her favour. In the comics her re­la­tion­ships with dead­pool and Cable haven’t al­ways run har­mo­niously. In one story, a shapeshifter called Copy­cat (real name: Vanessa. Could morena bac­carin’s char­ac­ter have mu­tant pow­ers?) posed as domino and tried to kill Cable. Things then got frac­tious be­tween the real domino and dead­pool when he sprung her from cap­tiv­ity and she im­me­di­ately shot him. another run saw her help Cable take down a dic­ta­tor, only for him to try to in­stall him­self in the dead politi­cian’s place. Let’s call it a love-hate re­la­tion­ship.

The chances are Dead­pool 2 will lift no more than el­e­ments from those sto­ries, but the con­trast be­tween the manic dead­pool, the “grumpy un­cle from the fu­ture” (as Reynolds puts it) Cable and the mer­cu­rial domino feels ex­cit­ing. Just as long as they don’t let too much back­story get in the way of the epic squab­bling.

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