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OUT NOW / AN­DROID, IOS, PC, PS4, XBOX ONE DI­REC­TOR Kent Mu­dle CAST troy Baker, Enn Rei­tel, Mur­phy Guyer, Anthony In­gru­ber, Robin Atkin Downes

THE FIRST SEA­SON of tell­tale’s choosey­our-own-ad­ven­ture Bat­man game must have sold well as the se­cond sea­son has ar­rived quicker than any se­quel in the com­pany’s his­tory. the story picks up a few months later — the Rid­dler has re­turned to Gotham, and shady govern­ment bureau the Agency is muscling in on the GCPD’S turf. the Rid­dler is ideal for the puz­zle as­pects of the game, and the strengths of the first sea­son re­main, no­tably be­ing able to tackle cer­tain prob­lems as either Bat­man or Bruce Wayne. But the same old tell­tale prob­lems sur­face — the too-easy ac­tion por­tions and the nag­ging feel­ing that, good as the story is, you aren’t in­flu­enc­ing it half as much as the mak­ers would like you to be­lieve.

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