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Empire (UK) - - RE.VIEW - il­lus­tra­tion olly gibbs

what did you think about the film?

it was re­ally funny and so i liked it. the char­ac­ters were goof­ing around and be­ing stupid.

what did you think the film was go­ing to be about?

i didn’t think it was go­ing to be very funny at first, be­cause the cover of the DVD didn’t re­ally look funny. But when i heard the song [The Bal­lad Of The

Three Ami­gos], i re­alised it was go­ing to be funny. When they did the, “aaaaaaaaaah,” bit for a re­ally long time, it ab­so­lutely drove me nuts!

who was your favourite mem­ber of the three ami­gos?

i thought they were all re­ally funny and silly. But my favourite one was prob­a­bly the amigo with the gui­tar, Dusty Bot­toms [Chevy Chase], be­cause when he plays the gui­tar in the desert, all the crea­tures come along to see what’s go­ing on. like, an owl turns up! and then a tor­toise says, “Good­night ned!”

was that your favourite part?

no. i think the bit i liked best was prob­a­bly when… they were all good, but when Dusty shoots the in­vis­i­ble swords­man. Be­cause you don’t ex­pect him to be stood right be­side them, but he’s in­vis­i­ble! then he falls — Plonk! — in the sand!

Did you have a least favourite bit?

not re­ally, ac­tu­ally. Ev­ery­thing made me laugh.

who should watch this movie?

Who­ever reads this! You should watch it!

what star rat­ing would you give it, out of five?

a mil­lion! or five, be­cause it’s so funny. i just have to give it five!


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