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What Fan­tas­tic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindel­wald means for the wider Wizard­ing World


IN THE OPEN­ING se­conds of

Harry Pot­ter And The Philoso­pher’s Stone, Dum­ble­dore mo­tions his De­lu­mi­na­tor at the street-lit sub­urbs of Sur­rey, draw­ing the light from each lamp one by one. It’s the very first use of magic in J.K. Rowl­ing’s Wizard­ing World — and just one of sev­eral clas­sic Pot­ter mo­ments re­called in the new Fan­tas­tic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindel­wald trailer, which de­buted at this year’s San Diego Comic-con.

Where the first Fan­tas­tic Beasts was more con­cerned with es­tab­lish­ing the new saga’s 1920s New York set­ting, The Crimes Of Grindel­wald seems to be root­ing it­self back into Rowl­ing’s es­tab­lished mythology. The lat­est trailer is packed with crea­tures and arte­facts ripped straight from

Pot­ter, from the re­turn of Dum­ble­dore’s De­lu­mi­na­tor (also used by Ron Weasley when Pot­ter and pals go Hor­crux hunt­ing in The Deathly Hal­lows), to the allpow­er­ful El­der Wand — one of three tit­u­lar Hal­lows — be­ing wielded by Grindel­wald.

This re­vival of fa­mil­iar Pot­ter el­e­ments isn’t solely fan-service — it also tells us some­thing about the char­ac­ters. While di­rec­tor David Yates says Dum­ble­dore and Grindel­wald’s ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship doesn’t “ex­plic­itly” fea­ture in Crimes, the trailer in­vokes it with a mag­i­cal ob­ject not seen since the events of The Philoso­pher’s Stone: the Mirror Of Erised, which re­flects the true de­sire of who­ever stands in front of it. Dum­ble­dore sees Grindel­wald in it — the rea­son why he dis­patches Newt Sca­man­der in­stead of track­ing the dark wiz­ard down him­self. Then, in a flash­back, Dum­ble­dore teaches young Newt the same ‘Bog­gart In The Wardrobe’ class that Harry had with Pro­fes­sor Lupin in The Pris­oner Of Azk­a­ban. The beast re­veals that Newt’s big­gest fear is work­ing be­hind a desk.

Of course, there are fan-service nods too — the oft-men­tioned Kelpies of Rowl­ing’s nov­els get a first screen ap­pear­ance; The Order Of The Phoenix’s gothic fly­ing Thes­trals re­turn in Grindel­wald’s es­cape se­quence; and Ni­co­las Flamel, the six-cen­turies-old cre­ator of the Philoso­pher’s Stone, en­ters the se­ries as a fully-fledged char­ac­ter.

With Paris beck­on­ing, The Crimes Of Grindel­wald will still ex­pand Rowl­ing’s Wizard­ing World — but some of that old magic is com­ing back too.


From top to bot­tom: Al­bus Dum­ble­dore (Jude Law) teaches Newt the ways of wizard­ing; Harry Pot­ter (Daniel Rad­cliffe) snatches the Philoso­pher’s Stone; Dum­ble­dore looks at the Mirror Of Erised and sees Gellert Grindel­wald (Johnny Depp); Luna Love­g­ood (Evanna Lynch) with a Thes­tral in Order Of The Phoenix.

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