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How’s it go­ing? Re­ally well. You might hear the dread­ful tweets of lit­tle birds and sun­light and hap­pi­ness. Let me know if that’s dis­turb­ing.

If you could get them to stop, that would be fan­tas­tic.

I’m so sorry. I’ll try. I am a paci­fist, but we’ll see what I can do. So, where are you?

I’m in Lon­don. In a dark meet­ing room. What’s Lon­don like? I miss it so much.

It’s a lovely day here in Cam­den. I’m watch­ing peo­ple go about their busi­ness. Are you in Swe­den? I’m in my lit­tle fish­ing vil­lage, but I live in Lon­don as well. I haven’t been back home now for a mon­t­hand-a-half. I’m giv­ing birth very soon, so I’m not trav­el­ling that much.

Lon­don’s very much a ma­jor place for you, then?

I do 50/50. I fol­lowed work. I’ve been shoot­ing so much in Lon­don, and the last cou­ple of films, ex­cept for The Girl On The Train, have been there. That [one was] New York. That’s too far. I’m not go­ing to the other side. Lon­don and my lit­tle fish­ing vil­lage are lit­er­ally five hours from door to door. That’s per­fect.


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