What can you tell us about your char­ac­ter in The In­no­cents?

The show was de­scribed to me as True Ro­mance meets Let The Right One In, but I play June, a 16-year-old girl run­ning away from a very re­stricted up­bring­ing and deal­ing with this mas­sive change in her life, when she dis­cov­ers she’s a shapeshifter. She’s try­ing to main­tain her re­la­tion­ship with her boyfriend and work out what their life will be like af­ter this dis­cov­ery.

What was your first au­di­tion like?

I was aw­ful. I didn’t have much time to pre­pare and I had to do a York­shire ac­cent, which I’d never done be­fore, so I did it re­ally badly. There were au­di­tions for Miss Saigon hap­pen­ing next door, so we had to keep stop­ping be­cause of the sound of peo­ple belt­ing their hearts out com­ing through the walls.

What’s been the mad­dest mo­ment of your ca­reer so far?

Is it ridicu­lous if I say it was go­ing to the Ocean’s 8 pre­miere? My agent also rep­re­sents He­lena Bon­ham Carter and she took me. I’d never been to a pre­miere of that scale, and meet­ing Cate Blanchett was mad. I said al­most noth­ing to her, but I man­aged to get a few words out.

Who is your act­ing idol?

Is­abelle Hup­pert, for ab­so­lute French­ness and don’t-give-a-fuck-ness. No fear of risk or dan­ger at all. The other is Jessica Lange, for sheer act­ing abil­ity. Ev­ery time I see her on screen I’m com­pletely mes­merised.

Who is your di­rect­ing idol?

The T-shirt is a give­away. This is my T-shirt. I think Greta Ger­wig is amaz­ing. Lady Bird man­aged to cap­ture the essence of what it is to be young. Any­one who’s young and fe­male and is writ­ing, pro­duc­ing, di­rect­ing and act­ing is a real in­spi­ra­tion to me.

If you weren’t an ac­tor, what job would you do?

I’d like to be a marine bi­ol­o­gist. I didn’t go to univer­sity, so I’d re­ally like to learn some­thing just for the sake of learn­ing it.

What’s your favourite film?

Right now it’s Yes by Sally Pot­ter. It’s all writ­ten in iambic pen­tame­ter. I love her.

Who would win in a fight: a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I feel like the horses, be­cause they have teeth and they could bite. They would over­whelm the duck.


Sorcha Groud­sell, pho­tographed ex­clu­sively for Em­pire in Hag­ger­ston, Lon­don on 11 July, 2018. 2017 Univer­sity stu­dent El­iz­a­beth in BBC thriller se­ries Clique

2018 Teenage shapeshifter June in Net­flix sci-fi mys­tery se­ries The In­no­cents

2018 Strug­gling artist Ju­dith in low-bud­get drama Far From The Ap­ple Tree

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