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“Home town” for me is odd, be­cause it’s Lon­don, but also Worces­ter. I was brought up in Lon­don un­til I was 11, then moved to Worces­ter, then came back to Lon­don at the age of 18. So more of a Lon­doner than any­thing but my for­ma­tive years were in Worces­ter.

I love Los An­ge­les now but I didn’t al­ways. When I first went I didn’t re­ally get it. Brits al­ways say this about LA — you’re al­ways in a car, it’s sprawl­ing, it’s too big, and the cul­ture clash is big­ger than you think. I wouldn’t live there, but I now re­ally look for­ward to go­ing. I’ve been on a cou­ple of chop­pers this year; it’s a dan­ger­ously ad­dic­tive way to travel. I chop­pered into Glas­ton­bury Fes­ti­val, but it’s al­most ru­ined the ex­pe­ri­ence. Rose [Les­lie] and I said it would be a one-off thing, we can’t get chop­pered into fes­ti­vals, but then you do it and it’s so easy, but I’m not go­ing to get into the habit. I carry a rel­a­tively pared-back wash­bag. I al­ways pack a tooth­brush, tooth­paste, a beard trim­mer

(to make sure shit doesn’t get too out of con­trol), a scent, strong de­odor­ant, mois­turiser — I have tons of Dolce & Gabbana stuff. Ge­orge Best Belfast City Air­port is one of the worst places to land be­cause it’s got a cross­wind and a re­ally short run­way. I fly in there a lot for Game of Thrones, and you know it’s bad when you’re only a few hun­dred me­tres from the run­way, and you can see it out of your win­dow. You re­alise you’re com­ing in sideways. I’ve had a few re­jected land­ings, there was one par­tic­u­lar time when I texted my clos­est and dear­est from the plane, and none of them texted back. I called them when I landed, “I am safe, thank you very much!”

Rose is my ul­ti­mate trav­el­ling com­pan­ion. I have to say that or I’d get in trou­ble. Other than her, can I say David Beckham? I have the hope that he’ll con­tact me and we’ll go on a trip to­gether. It could hap­pen. Budleigh Sal­ter­ton is gen­uinely my favourite beach in the world. It’s a child­hood thing.

If I could have three houses in three places, it would be Lon­don, some­where in Suf­folk and I’d love a place in Europe, or maybe New Zealand. If the world ends, that’s where you want to be.

The Grill Mar­ket

[Gril lmark a ðurinn] in Reyk­javík is an amaz­ing restau­rant. They do the most im­moral plat­ter of burg­ers, which I haven’t had — I could never bring my­self to eat puf­fin, whale and rein­deer. I was there once and Björk was at an­other ta­ble.

You can take a Lon­don pub and lift it ex­actly as it is, with the bar staff and ev­ery­thing, and put it in New York or some­where else, and it’s not a pub any more. It has to be in Lon­don.

Kit Har­ing­ton is an am­bas­sador for Dolce & Gabbana The One

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