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This month, get up to speed with three drills de­signed to boost stride length and strengthen leg power Three ex­er­cises last­ing 8–10secs. For best re­sults com­plete on a track or flat, straight field, af­ter warm­ing-up prop­erly. The work­out/ rest ra­tio is 1:5, so 8–10secs of high-in­ten­sity work fol­lowed by 40–50secs of rest.


Ex­ag­ger­ate run­ning ac­tion by spring­ing from step to step and get­ting more lift over a 30-40m dis­tance. Rest as you walk back to the start.

The weave

Works ac­cel­er­a­tion and mul­ti­di­rec­tional speed. Put six cones di­ag­o­nally across a 50–60m track. Sprint, weav­ing be­tween the cones for 10 sets.

Sim­ple sprints

Ten sets of 30m sprints giv­ing it ev­ery­thing you’ve got. Leave noth­ing in the tank.

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