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Esquire: The sci­ence of box­ing is fas­ci­nat­ing. Are you an ath­lete who wants to know ev­ery­thing that’s go­ing on, or do you shut up and do what you’re told? Joshua: The sci­ence of to­day cre­ates longevity; we now train in a world of data. The data can pre­dict if I’m not fit enough be­fore I fight, or if I’m get­ting sick two weeks be­fore I ac­tu­ally do. I like to use the data and sci­ence to stay ahead of the game, but I also love the old school ap­proach. Just be­cause I may have a lit­tle cough or some­thing I don’t want to be held back. “Die in train­ing, live in bat­tle” is a motto I like. How do you pre­pare and fo­cus men­tally for a fight? I’m al­ways med­i­tat­ing, look­ing into my­self and ques­tion­ing my­self. Let­ting my thoughts come and go. I do need my own space also. When I’m in camp, I com­pletely im­merse my­self into my train­ing and that’s all I fo­cus on.

Can any­one box well? Not ev­ery­one wants to chop down a tree. Some peo­ple want to stand there and tell others what to do, and some peo­ple are labour­ers. Box­ing is a labour­ing man’s sport. It’s too hard not to en­joy it. It’s not to say that’s true for ev­ery­one but you have to get your hands dirty, and en­joy that side of it! You now ver­sus a 21-year-old Mike Tyson. Who wins? I can’t claim to be there yet. No­body beats a 21-year-old Mike Tyson.

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