A five-move cir­cuit to build se­ri­ous strength and en­durance. Per­form each of the fol­low­ing ex­er­cises non-stop for 90secs, in se­quence. Aim for five sets with 90secs rest in-be­tween.

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Round-the­clock lunges

Lunge with the left leg to ev­ery point on an imag­i­nary clock, then back the other way with the right.

Jump­ing squats into jump­ing split-squats

One jump­ing squat fol­lowed by one jump­ing squat-lunge on each leg.

Weighted sumo squat

As­sume a sumo stance and hold a dumb-bell in each hand, letting them hang be­tween your legs and per­form full-range squats.

Sin­gle leg dead­lift with dumb-bell

Stand­ing on one leg, per­form the dead­lift with a dumb-bell in each hand. Af­ter 45secs, use other leg.

Static wall squat

Lean in a seated po­si­tion with your back flat against a wall with a 90° bend in your knees. Try and hold this for the full 90secs.

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