But per­fect the ba­sics, says per­sonal trainer Luke Wor­thing­ton

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“Fit­ness fads have reached sat­u­ra­tion point and we have come full cir­cle to get­ting back to ba­sics. Why? Be­cause they work! So, out with fancy split pro­grammes and 30-day quick fixes and in with strength train­ing two to four times per week with some con­di­tion­ing two to three times a week. Strength ses­sions should be built around ba­sic move­ments such as the squat, hinge, push, pull and sin­gle leg work, with an em­pha­sis on cor­rect form. We’re back to do­ing sim­ple things very well, as op­posed to ex­er­cise regimes which are more cir­cus train­ing than cir­cuit train­ing.”

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