With these sug­ges­tions from Dutch­man Rut­ger Breg­man

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1. In­tro­duce ba­sic in­come… “A very sim­ple idea. A monthly grant enough to pay for ba­sic needs: food, shel­ter, cloth­ing. It’s not com­mu­nism, it’s just a ‘floor’ in the in­come dis­tri­bu­tion that means liv­ing a life with­out poverty is not a favour any more, but a right. I think it’s one of the most ex­cit­ing ideas of our time.”

2. And then a shorter work­ing week: “Two years ago, a YouGov poll found 37 per cent of Bri­tish work­ers think their own job is absolutely mean­ing­less. That’s a lot. We need to work less, be­cause we need to do more: vol­un­teer, car­ing for kids and el­derly, or mov­ing to dif­fer­ent jobs that add some­thing of value.” 3. Open in­ter­na­tional borders: “Through­out his­tory, it’s the coun­tries that at­tract tal­ent from around the globe that are able to let im­mi­gra­tion ben­e­fit them. When coun­tries start look­ing in­wards and don’t re­ally know who they are any more, that’s when things go down­hill. There are a lot of signs that’s hap­pen­ing in Bri­tain right now.”

4. Go nuts: “Ev­ery mile­stone of civil­i­sa­tion orig­i­nated in the head of some­one first dis­missed as crazy. The end of slav­ery, or democ­racy, or equal rights for men and women — these were once utopian fan­tasies. Just 10, 20 years ago, Brexit was seen as a com­pletely lu­di­crous idea, and here you are. It works both ways,

I’d say. If you want to have real progress in this cen­tury, we need more imag­i­na­tion.”

— Rut­ger Breg­man is the au­thor of Utopia for Re­al­ists: and How We can Get There (Blooms­bury), pub­lished on 8 Fe­bru­ary

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