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The world’s best rugby player on the regime which keeps him and his All Black team-mates at the top

Train­ing/weight train­ing

“Speed is an area of my game I work on and pride my­self on. It comes from a lot of strength train­ing mixed with ply­o­met­rics and big lifts. Power cleans and step-ups are prob­a­bly my key lifts in the gym. My best hang clean is about 110kgs, but when it’s power ses­sions with sets of three, it will be around 90kgs. Three sets of three. Then in squats its 100kgs on, with re­sis­tance bands, and I’ll be ex­plod­ing up. A lot of heavy, ex­plo­sive stuff. Su­per sets will be box jumps, calf raises, stand­ing long jumps. We’re try­ing to shock our mus­cles.”


“While train­ing, you want to fuel your body well. It’s easy in camp with the All Blacks but the chal­lenge is when you get home and need to stay dis­ci­plined. Where pos­si­ble, if you can min­imise gluten in­take that’s great, even if you’re not gluten in­tol­er­ant. It doesn’t do good things to your gut. With pro­tein pow­ders, I try to mix it up. I use Nuzest Clean Lean Pro­tein, which is a pea pro­tein. I think it’s the best and eas­i­est sup­ple­ment to take. Just put it into a smoothie once a day.”

Match day rou­tine

“If kick-off is 3pm, I’ll wake up just be­fore 9am and have break­fast. Four hours be­fore the game we have our pre-match meal. I don’t eat too much as I pre­fer to play on an empty-ish stom­ach. I’ll get my stretch­ing in be­tween meals to loosen up, go through some plays, then a cou­ple of short bursts of ac­cel­er­a­tion. Af­ter a match, it’s com­pul­sory to take an ice bath and spend 10 min­utes on an ex­er­cise bike. We take six fish oil pills that evening, plus one pro­tein shake and a drink heavy on the vi­ta­min C. Re­cov­ery is about hit­ting it hard and early, but ul­ti­mately, it’s about get­ting a good night’s sleep.”


“As soon as I get handed the tee, I put it down.

Then I look at all four cor­ners of the sta­dium to ground my­self, or just to stay in the mo­ment. Then it’s about the process of four steps back, three across and one more back. Then I take three breaths, look­ing be­tween ball and tar­get on each breath. Then I ap­proach, and in my head I’m say­ing ‘trust my process’. It’s as sim­ple as that.”

Beau­den Bar­rett is an am­bas­sador for Tu­dor Watches

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