Rus­sell Brand on Don­ald Trump and the mean­ing of life

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Brand didn’t shirk the deep stuff in a one-man talk that took in his own ad­dic­tion and re­cov­ery, the dif­fer­ence be­tween plea­sure and hap­pi­ness and how he once tried to spir­i­tu­ally connect with the in­cum­bent US Pres­i­dent

“There’s some­thing about it that don’t seem right. I don’t mean all the ob­vi­ous things, like what he says, but it’s a his­tor­i­cal anom­aly, it’s al­most like he is a statue, a car­i­ca­ture, a sym­bol, as op­posed to an ac­tual per­son.

“What is he think­ing when he’s at home? I met him once, be­fore he was pres­i­dent. I was try­ing to ask him, ‘Yeah, you’ve made all this money, don’t you some­times feel…’ What I was try­ing to put across was ‘spir­i­tu­ally-cu­ri­ous’, about love, won­der, glory, what this all re­ally is. What is it, Don­ald? We’re alive in a world, what is this mys­tery? Where does my baby’s con­scious­ness come from? We’re all go­ing to die, what is go­ing on?

“And he went, ‘No’. Wasn’t in­ter­ested at all. I kept try­ing to re­phrase the ques­tion to get him to say, ‘Yes,’ but there was no way I could re­frame the ques­tion to get him to say, ‘Yeah, fuck me, that is weird, isn’t it? That we’ve only got one life, and I spend all my time wor­ry­ing about my tan and my hair, and build­ing walls be­tween here and Mex­ico’.

“Even though Mex­ico, about a half-hour ago, was Los An­ge­les and San Diego. You can’t put a wall up now, you should have put a wall up then. If you wanna know why there’s loads of Mex­i­can peo­ple in Los An­ge­les, it’s be­cause it’s Mex­ico, and only re­cently some­one went, ‘This isn’t Mex­ico any­more, fuck off.’ “‘Hold on. I thought it was.’

“‘No, we’ve changed it.’ And on that note, no coun­tries are real coun­tries, are they? Not in space. Just an agree­ment, to call it Eng­land, to call it the USA. Di­nosaurs, mil­lions of years ago, weren’t say­ing, ‘I’m a French di­nosaur, would you like a crois­sant?’”

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It’s not of­ten you get the chance to see our Satur­day night head­liner Rus­sell Brand in such an in­ti­mate set­ting.

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